Trevor + Cynthia | Engagement Session

I remember when Cynthia & I first met at Local Coffee, to go over her wedding day a few months ago. Her face lit up when she talked about her fiance Trevor.

She smiled ear to ear as she told me the story on how they first met, and what she loved about him.

After their engagement session, I knew why she was smiling so much that day we first met. You can tell how much he loves her, just by the way he looks at her. They are wonderful together! Working with Cynthia & Trevor today was a dream. Not only are they beautiful together, but their chemistry as a couple is evident.

Can’t wait to work with them again on their wedding day! Their wedding will be held at Omni La Mansion Del Rio late June, and I am so excited!


Um. Cynthia. You are gorgeous girl.

2015-06-09_0002 2015-06-09_0003 2015-06-09_0004 2015-06-09_0005

One of my faves from their session!

2015-06-09_0006 2015-06-09_0007 2015-06-09_0008 2015-06-09_0009

That ring! All kinds of prettiness!

2015-06-09_0010 2015-06-09_0011 2015-06-09_0012

After all of the rain we have been having, we had to reschedule our photo session twice, before finally scheduling a pretty day! & I’m so glad we did. The day was perfect. Humid, but perfect 😛

2015-06-09_0013 2015-06-09_0014 2015-06-09_0015

Ahhhh! Cannot get over these two!

2015-06-09_0016 2015-06-09_0017 2015-06-09_0018

Love!! Kinda want this one in a canvas up on my walls. Is that weird?

2015-06-09_0019 2015-06-09_0020

Sweet comments make me happy.

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