Mark + Jennifer | Engagement Session

A few months ago, Mark came up to me, while I was photographing a couple & asked for a business card. I was so excited when a few weeks later, I received an email from his fiance Jennifer. The first time we spoke on the phone, we could not stop laughing & we talked as if we had been friends for years! I couldn’t wait to meet her in person & work with the both of them! You know when you meet a person and you just click? There really doesn’t have to be a big effort to have a conversation, it just flows! That’s exactly how it was, meeting & working with them!

Mark & Jenn decided to take their engagements in the little town of Gruene. Gruene is so special to them, because this was the spot Mark asked Jenn to be his girlfriend. They decided to bring along their two fur babies, Ecco (who is 16 years old!) & little Pita. They were adorable, and I loved that they were able to include them in their engagement portraits.

After taking their engagements, they invited us to dinner & what better place to go then Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar! It’s a must when you visit Gruene! We talked over margaritas about their upcoming wedding.

A few months ago, they thought they were going to have their wedding take place in San Marcos, but changed their minds. They are now planning a destination wedding in FLORENCE, ITALY!

2015-05-26_0006 2015-05-26_0004 2015-05-26_0008 2015-05-26_0007 2015-05-26_0005 2015-05-26_0002 2015-05-26_0003 2015-05-26_0001 2015-05-26_0010

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