Mini Sessions have arrived!

I know what you are thinking. “Well it’s about time!” haha! I know. I have been meaning to post about them for weeks now! Y’all know, I have been on the go lately & I finally had some time this morning to post about these awesome mini’s.

So what is a mini session and why are they so special?


First of all, I have to comment on how delicious my little model is, Addison. Her little expression was perfect for the announcement of mini’s, don’t you think?

So why are minis so special? Well, mini’s are regular photo sessions that are cut in half I guess you can say. In every way, the time, the amount of photos you receive and the price!

What is NOT cut in half, are how cute your photographs will be when you receive them (yay!)

They are perfect for small children. I mean, really- how many kids out there want to have a lady they have never met, point a big camera in their face for an hour and a half? Yea, I don’t see any hands being raised.

It never fails, when families get done with their mini sessions, they always say the same thing, “this was great!” Mom & dad are happy, kids are happy, I’m happy & we all leave our mini session feeling content.

We all know, children do not want to sit still or hold a pose for very long. If anything, they want to jump, play, snuggle with mom, chase after dad. & believe me, I can catch up. Most of my Cupcake babies/toddlers are on the move, and I’m right there beside them, in front of them, above them. lol!

They are also perfect for families who aren’t “picture people”. Maybe, you haven’t taken professional photographs in a long time. Maybe, it’s even been years. That’s okay, don’t feel bad- you aren’t the only ones! Minis are a great way, to document your beautiful family & have beautiful photographs printed, and displayed around your home. Now is the time!

It’s also a GREAT gift to give to your parents, grandparents, your spouse, your friend rockin’ a baby bump, the new mama, your friend who just got engaged, your bestie, your sister & her husband, your brother & his family… I can go on & on!

Now, you might be thinking- Abi, why in the world are you booking mini sessions in JULY & AUGUST? Simple explanation for that. July & August are right in between my Spring Wedding Season & my Fall Wedding Season. Giving me lots of time to edit your mini sessions & get them to you a lot quicker. Also, it’s right before school begins again, so why not document your family right before your baby starts school again! Make a day out of it. Photo shoot + dinner out to celebrate the end of Summer.

Most of the photo sessions will also be scheduled an hour before the sunsets, so yes, it will be warm, but not steamy hot.

So, now that you read this mini novel, send me an email {} & lets talk about setting a date.

It’s going to be so much fun & I can’t wait to work with you! 🙂

Sweet comments make me happy.

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