Vendor Spotlight Q&A: Carime’s Hair Fashion

1. When did you start taking an interest in hair & makeup?

My mother was my very first inspiration when it came to hair. I grew up in Indiana watching her do hair at the salon & at home. Doing hair has always come natural to me. My 1st haircut was on a brand new $20 barbie doll when I was 5 years old! The barbie seemed to like it, my mother however, not so much! “I thought it would grow back”, I told my mother, “and I want to cut hair just like you mommy”, I said. Of course she just laughed!

I was always playing with makeup and would wear it around the house! When I grew up, surprisingly, I hardly ever wore makeup or did my hair!  I loved Art so much, I thought I would become a graphic designer or something, but I’m so glad I didn’t! Within time, I began to see makeup & up-dos as Art work! Once I really began practicing, loved it soo much, I ended up going to cosmetology school in 2011.

2. Who is your biggest supporter?

My biggest group of supporters are my family. Of course, my mother always wanted me to grow up to be just like her and do hair. She’s so proud of my work and tells me “the student has surpassed the teacher, now you need to teach me how to do updos”. I love her, everything that I know now, is because of her!

My husband has always been extremely supportive and has always encouraged my decision to finally go to cosmetology school. Every time I envision a project or have something new to bring to my business, he continues to support and encourage me.  I constantly hear him tell me how talented I am, and hearing those words means the world to me.

3. Where do you find your inspiration from?

When I’m working a wedding day, I feel truly feel inspired by the love that is in the air. I know that sounds cliché but, everything about the atmosphere and the happiness of the bride, her bridesmaids and the family, really inspires me. When my bride feels nervous, this drives me to make sure that they not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful. I also want them to feel confident & extra special. Although, at the end of the getting ready whirlwind, my hands and feet are sore & tired;  I feel so much satisfaction knowing that I had a part in making their day a success. That’s always my ultimate goal.


4. What is the largest bridal party you have worked on?

My largest bridal party was the first one I had ever worked on, immediatly after cosmotology school. It was a client, I actually met at school, I gave her my card and she called me- which was so exciting!  It was supposed to be about 9 women, including the bride. My bride decided to have her hair & makeup done, at the hotel where she was staying, so her family would stop by to see her. Well, at the end of it, 3 more family members decided to get their hair done too! A total of 12! Thankfully, I had 2 assistants with me that day and plenty of hairspray!


5.  How soon should a bride contact you for wedding day hair & makeup?

The sooner a bride can contact me to schedule an appointment or consultation, the better! Many times the bride comes for a hair and makeup trial and that way, we ensure exactly the look she wants for her wedding day. A pre-event consultation really helps my bride stay stress-free. If a bride is having engagement & bridal portraits done as well, this is also a great time for us to work together multiple times, before the wedding day. At a consultation, we can talk about prices, location, special promotions, and the number of those interested in getting their hair & makeup done, the day of the wedding.


6. What advice can you give to brides who are looking for a makeup & hair stylist?

All brides should feel beautiful, comfortable, and stress free on their special wedding day. Having a good hair and makeup stylist that makes you feel that way, is essential. Take the time to meet your hair & makeup stylist in advance, and look at past work and reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! On the day of, try your best to stay relaxed. With great communication, not only are you going to look beautiful, you are going to feel beautiful, that’s my ultimate goal!

Thank you so much Carime, for this awesome Q&A post!

You did a beautiful job on my bride Lisa’s hair & makeup, for their engagement portraits! Can’t wait to work with you again.

Carime’s Info:

Cell: 210.473.3472


Facebook: Perla Carime’s Hair Fashion

Instagram: @perlacarimes_hairfashion

2 thoughts on “Vendor Spotlight Q&A: Carime’s Hair Fashion

  1. carime says:

    Thank you for featuring me here! It’s an honor to work with such a great photographer and person! Beautiful job on the pictures I love it all!


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