Rosas Family

So happy I was able to work with the Rosas family again.

I first worked with Desirae & Joel, when she was pregnant with Addison, now here is baby Addison a year later!

We headed out to Muleshoe Bend, Texas for this session. Literally, fields and fields of bluebonnets. So beautiful! I couldn’t even believe my eyes when I saw how many bluebonnets there were! It’s about an 1.5 hour drive from San Antonio, but in my opinion so worth it. I’m even considering hosting mini sessions there, next year! So we will see how my season is for next Spring!

I absolutely love this photo of baby Addison. Precious!
2015-06-25_0002 2015-06-25_0003 2015-06-25_0004

Who can resist squishy baby cheeks!


Love these…



Grandma & Grandpa decided to join in for some photos too!

2015-06-25_0009 2015-06-25_0011 2015-06-25_0012

Mommy & daughter…


Daddy & daughter..


Love this!!!

2015-06-25_0015 2015-06-25_0016

Three generations. If you have that opportunity to take a generation photo, please do that! It’s so wonderful to have those memories captured.


Haha!! This one makes me laugh!!


Baby in a basket, I don’t think it gets any cuter than that!


Outfit change! Addison is one! YAY!


Sweet comments make me happy.

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