Roses that aren’t red

This morning I took Gino out for our morning walk & walked by our rose bushes. I noticed them, but didn’t stop to admire them. “Oh, that’s pretty” – I thought to myself as I rushed by with Gino in tow, pulling at the leash of course, staring at the black cat sitting sweetly across the street.

When we got back, I closed our front gate, let Gino off of his leash & got a closer look at the roses that were not only in full bloom, but were speckled with rain droplets. I went into our home in search of my camera & I knew I had to photograph these precious beauties.



I stood there, staring at them for a few minutes. Wow. These are really beautiful. Now, they aren’t perfect. Some of their edges are beginning to dry out, others are struggling to hold on to their petals, but isn’t that what makes them so unique?



Beautiful things don’t ask for attention – James Thurber, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This is one of my all time favorite quotes. That’s exactly what came into mind when I began to observe and admire our roses. You see, sometimes, we are in such a rush. To do list, after to do list. Cross this out, email this, call this person, make this appointment. When is the last time you have stopped & admired something beautiful? When is the last time, you stopped and just took a breath? Has it been a long time?






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