Finding inspiration with color

I am so into coral tones right now. I don’t know what it is about the color. I just find it so pretty, bright, and happy.292884ee23ef790ae93f6d80d1faae8f I’ve been moving away from my traditional ‘cupcake’ colors, which for the past 5 years have been: hot pink, light pink, black, and white. I always felt that cupcake absolutely had to represent the color pink. Btw, for some, this post isn’t going to make sense at all, and to others, you guys are going to be like, “oh yes, I totally understand what she’s talking about!” Anyway, ever since I can remember I would always represent cupcake photo with the color pink. Pink everything and anything. Maybe it’s because pink has always been my favorite color & cupcake photo is just one of my favorite things, I just put the two together & bam. Don’t get me wrong, I still want pink to stick around though, I just don’t want it to be the main overall theme.


When the end of 2014 came along, I started to gravitate towards a certain theme. I found this picture above, that talked about coral tones & how they come straight from summer sunsets. & it hit me. For the past few weeks, as the sun is setting, this beautiful coral color seeps through my front door window & fills our entire living room with this gorgeous rose gold color. It’s my absolute favorite part of the day.


It made me think about what I wanted cupcake to represent. Happiness. Joy. In a way, (this is about to get cheesy real quick, bear with me) I want my clients to feel what I feel when I see that rosy glow seeping through our windows, as the sun sets. Contentment. Ease. Peaceful. Along with happiness and pure joy. The color gold for me, represents something pure. As for the polka dots, well I feel the same way about polka dots as I do about cupcakes. ADORABLE! & that’s pretty much all I gotta say about that <— i totally typed that in my Forrest Gump voice.


Enjoy some of the photos that have been behind my new cupcake photo brand. Like I mentioned, I want cupcake photo to represent, something pretty, bright, and happy. Something fresh, clean, and inspiring. Something that is pure just like gold and makes your heart glow.


I told you it was going to get cheesy real quick! 😛

Sweet comments make me happy.

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