Tulum, Mexico

Did y’all go outside today? It doesn’t even feel like December. it was in the 60’s, the sun was out, and I wasn’t even wearing a sweater. I am certainly a warm weather kinda girl. It’s so funny, even though I have never seen snow (I know!!! I’ve even been to Alaska…no snow…it was in July!), every time we think of a “vacation” or when it’s time for a trip, we automatically think BEACH! Give me the sun, the ocean, sand, a margarita, a book, and I am good to go. Well, this past Summer it wasn’t any different, we decided to take a trip to Tulum, Mexico with my family & a group of their friends A group of about 25! I’ve never traveled with so many people, I hadn’t been on a vacation with my parentals & sisters, since well, since I got married, and we were all staying in the same house right in front of the beach. It was definitely something new. Sometimes it’s good to step out of our comfort zone though, because we had an AWESOME time. It was indeed a relaxing trip. Every day, we had our own private chef who would cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for us AND our very own bartender. Yes, a bartender who would arrive at 10 am and leave around 8 pm. Yes, that was exciting. Anyway, I wanted to share just a few of the photos I took on our trip. These photos make me want to go back right now!!! Haha!

For some reason, my family and I were always the early risers of the house. You would think we would take advantage and wake up late. Nope. One morning, I woke up at 6 am. I thought, ‘I must be the only one up right now. I guess I’ll get up and make some coffee.’ I go downstairs, and my parents are already sitting by the beach, sipping on their coffee, my sister is reading a book by the pool and my other sister is taking a walk down the beach! (My husband was asleep! hehe!) So, we would have about two hours together, before every one really started to wake up. & that was pretty nice.


Oh, hi honey.


You can’t go on a tropical vacation and NOT take a hammock photo! You just gotta! I think I spent the majority of my time on that hammock.


Right in front of those palm trees was our own private beach. That was so nice.


Ocean or pool!?


We decided to head over to the actual little town of Tulum. The main road is a super narrow road, with restaurants and boutique type hotels. We had to stop at Playa Paraiso, one of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen.




Hi there.


My sister, modeling for me.


We ended up going to this restaurant that was located right by Playa Paraiso I know what you’re thinking, Thai food in Mexico? YES! Seriously, SO GOOD! Y’all know I am obsessed with food in general. I can’t help a good food picture. I ordered the chicken pad thai.


My sister ordered the red curry with a side of steamed rice.


Don’t forget prices are in pesos. I almost fainted when I saw the price of drinks. Haha!!




Oh, hi there husband 😉


I love how everything is so green and lush.


So, those who know me…know that I have this fear. I can’t begin to explain it, but I have this fear of whales. I’ve talked about it here and there. I know it sounds so silly, but for some reason these animals really freak me out (especially Orcas, don’t even get me started). Anyway, one of my goals for 2014, was to get over that fear. So what better way, then to go swimming with whales.  Ahhh. I know. It’s crazy. When I mentioned taking the whale shark swimming tour to my husband, my husband was ECSTATIC! So, ugh, I had to do it. This was my chance.


Was I terrified? YES!

Was I scared and nervous? YES!

Did I have major anxiety? YES!


But I DID IT! & it was AMAZING!

Was I scared when I was swimming next to them? ABSOLUTELY.

Needless to say though, I can’t even explain how amazing it is to see these beautiful whale sharks in person. They are gorgeous. They swim so quickly, so by the time you would jump off the boat, you would have to swim super fast to keep up. It’s something you just have to experience for yourself. So memorable.


Can you see it under the water?


Next we traveled to Playa Del Carmen for lunch and snorkeling.


The water was so crystal clear, so beautiful. & I was able to see a star fish, which was so awesome. I’ve always wanted to see one.


On our trip, we also took a few photos on the beach, and this one is thanks to my sister Gabi. I still need to edit the photos & print them for my home. A beautiful reminder of our beautiful trip.